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Kinder Ballet/Acro

This introduction to the arts is a great place for young dancers to start. All aspects of ballet training and basic tumbling are explored, such as the development of balance, turning, jumping, positions of the feet, flexibility, coordination, classroom behavior, etiquette and social skills.



Breakdance is an energetic style of dance typically performed to hip hop music, characterized by stylized footwork and acrobatic or athletic movements


Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance is a style of street dance that combines a variety of freestyle movements that has evolved from hip hop culture and hip hop music. Classes develop strength and stamina along with rhythm and muscle memory. No previous dance training is needed.



Jazz class combines elements of classical ballet and modern dance with the current forms of popular dance, and is influenced by rhythms & techniques of jazz music. This style has a strong emphasis on energy, rhythmical accuracy, and style.



Through this style, dancers will be taught and trained in skills such as flexibility, strength, and control to perform tricks, balances, and tumbling. Each class will target the different muscles and ligaments in the body that will be used when performing tumbling skills and acrobatic technique. 


Kinder Tap/Jazz

This introduction to dance class will be sure to entertain and captivate your pre-schooler’s attention while learning basic dance steps to seasonal themed music and activities. These classes are age specific and are designed to develop basic motor skills and musicality, as well as encourage creative movement and expression. The Jazz portion of class combines upbeat dance styles with elements of ballet and modern influenced by rhythms & techniques of jazz music. The Tap portion of class develops and hones rhythm and coordination.



Ballet is the foundation for all dance styles and will foster your dancers’s love for movement. Classes­­ include traditional barre, centre work, and focuses on building strong technique. Teachers emphasize body alignment, posture, flexibility, muscle memory and control. This class is an integral part of training for any dancer

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Combo classes provide a chance to put together movements to prepare dancers for the stage. Dancers will learn a different dance style each week, training in genres such as hip hop, jazz, tap, contemporary, ballroom, and musical theater.



Contemporary classes combine elements of modern, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet. It is an interpretive and emotionally expressive form and dance that utilizes a wide range of music.



Conditioning improves technique and performance in all dance forms by strengthening the body’s core (abdominal and back muscles) while improving coordination, balance, and alignment, and optimizing flexibility.


Primary ballet/Tap/Jazz

These classes offer a more focused study of ballet, tap, and jazz. Training centers around building posture and grace as well as body alignment. Teachers introduce basic terminology and traditional barre and centre work for tap and ballet.

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This class focuses on across the floor movements, utilizing what the dancers learn in technique and applying it to traveling combinations.This class focuses on teaching the technical aspects of turns, leaps, and other dance essentials.



Beginner through advanced classes include learning how to create audible beats by rhythmically striking the floor.Technique in both Broadway and Rhythm styles is taught through exercises, drills, and combinations.



This class combines the art form of performance with ballroom technique, using step patterns to move rhythmically and express the characteristics of music. Our dancers learn styles such as cha cha, rumba, salsa, and samba. This high energy class style keeps dancers engaged while working on their precision, musicality, and execution.

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Master classes

Master classes are taught in a variety of dance styles, by the best choreographers and teachers in the industry! These pop up classes provide dancers the opportunity to learn from guest choreographers and teachers from around the world, and they are open to the public. Make sure to follow us on social media to see when our next master class will be! *Prices may vary by class*

Class Schedule

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